Essential Android App – AppRemover


#11 – Removing Apps from Android devices is a complicated process. Thanks to the openness of the platform, there are many Apps that make the task extremely easy. AppRemover is one such application developed by CurveFish for Android that allows you to instantly remove any App from your device.

AppRemover is free of cost and only 82KB in size. When you fire up the App, it would present you with a list of applications that are currently installed on your device. Simply tap on the application you wish to remove, hit uninstall and the application would be erased from your device instantly. The user interface is clean and simple to use. You can also choose multiple apps to remove using the checkboxes or filter applications using the filter panel.

appremover android

The application can also remain in your notifications bar giving you quick access if you select the “Show icon in Notification” option from the options menu. Sorting by name, size and date is also possible.

The application is simply a must have for all Android devices. Get it from the Android Market.

-TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9.9/10

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