Camera+ App for iPhone Reaches 1 Million Downloads

camera +

TapTapTap, the developers of the unique Camera+ App for the iPhone has revealed that the App has reached over one million downloads and is one million dollars in revenue from the App.

Camera+ was pulled out from the App Store by Apple as it allowed you to make the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone instead act as a camera shutter button. The community loved the feature, but Apple didn’t and pulled it out.


The App made a comeback after four months and since then the sales have been increasing.

John Casasanta, the co-founder of TapTapTap also commented on the war between Apple and Google. He said, “To say the least, the mobile market is pretty chaotic at the moment. Apple and Google are jockeying for position to be the dominant player in the market and there’s no clear indicator of who will actually come out on top, if anyone will at all.”