Will Apple Be Apple in Steve’s Absence


This morning, Steve Jobs sent out mails to Apple employees informing them about his medical leave of absence. While, Steve Jobs would be returning to Apple shortly, the question that arises is that will Apple be able to sell as many devices without its numero uno, Steve Jobs?

The company has performed magically under his command and his presence certainly makes Apple a unique organisation. Apple is about to announce the next generation iPhone and iPad this year, but will it be able to sell them in the same ever increasing numbers without its dynamic salesman.

While the Wall Street Journal believes that his absence won’t derail Apple, we think it would. His unique approach and singular vision certainly brings about changes to the way people at the company work. Tim Cook is certainly able to run Apple, but Jobs is the perfectionist who even focuses on the minute details of products.

Analysts also predict that Apple’s stock would drop down after this news as Mr. Jobs holds a key position in the company. In a recent interview, Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple said that Apple is imbued with Jobs’ DNA and is a reflection of him.

Mr Jobs is certainly a fighter and would be back soon. Till then, will Apple be Apple in Steve’s absence? What do you think? Leave your comments in the comments section below.