YouTube Leanback Gets Personalized Channels

youtube leanback

YouTube Leanback brings the power of YouTube to your television or large screen display. Google’s new YouTube remote App for Android devices allows you to control Leanback from your Android device too.

Watching YouTube videos on Leanback is amazing and today Google is announcing “Personalized Channels” that makes discovering YouTube videos easy in Leanback. If you are confused with what you should what next, Personalized Channels will help you discover the perfect video suited for your needs.

You need to create channels and Leanback would automatically display the relevant videos. For example, if you create a channel called “Apple”, Leanback would display some Apple ads, keynotes etc and after some time dig deep into subtopics based on your interests.

To create a channel, log in to your YouTube Leanback account and select “Create Channels.” To get started, take a look at the video below.

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