Top 5 Chrome Web Apps

chrome ws

Google recenlty launched the Chrome Web Store which hosts lots of amazing web applications. Web Apps work on Chrome (browser) and the extremely lightweight and cloud based Chrome OS.

In this post, we will be featuring the top 5 web apps that stand out and are exceptional. We will also be starting a new series dubbed “Chrome Web App of the Week” that would feature a new web app every week.

Below are the top 5 web apps for Chrome –


ThatMusicApp – With an elegant iTunes like look and feel, ThatMusicApp allows you to create playlists and add songs from the Internet to them. You can create a playlist and then add songs to it. For adding a song, search for the desired song and it will automatically scan the Internet and play that song for you. Amazing, isn’t it? You can even adjust the volume and control your music from within the App. To use ThatMusicApp, you need to create an account or if you already have one, log in.


Amazon Windowshop – Get the best window shopping experience in your browser. Amazon’s Windowshop App for Chrome is identical to the iPad App and helps you purchase things via Amazon quickly and efficiently. With an easy to use interface, great design, and amazing shopping experience, Amazon’s sales will definitely increase.


You’ve Got News – Coming from AOL, this Web-App is revolutionary. It’s mission is to keep you updated with all the happening around the world in almost every different topic. You need to use the keyboard arrow keys to jump to different topic and scroll within topics. If you like an article, click on it and the article would be displayed within the App itself. The App is also well integrated with social networks giving you the option to share articles.

USAToday – While there are loads of other great publishers on the Chrome Web Store, the USAToday App is something different. Firstly the design is exactly like the iPad App. You have a three pane view and you can scroll down or select an item. While reading an article, the controls are yet again similar to the iPad version and feels great. Overall, you can get news right in your browser in an extraordinary interface.

TweetDeck – Completely done in HTML5, you can now experience TweetDeck in your browser. You get the same multiple column views which you can always edit. Die hard fans of TweetDeck won’t be really impressed.