Nexus S Teardown – Contour Display Isn’t Up To the Mark

nexus s

The Google Nexus S was made available in the US yesterday and today the folks at iFixit have torn the Google phone completely. There isn’t something really special inside the Nexus S and its hardware is almost same as the Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung.

What has caught the world’s attention is the contour display. The tear-down results via iFixit reveal that the phone’s contour display isn’t exactly as described. It appears that only the Super AMOLED display is a bit curved while the glass touchscreen remains flat. There is also a strange hole in the middle of the motherboard which appears strange.

“The Nexus S is a solid Android phone overall, and we think a lot of people will be happy with it. Samsung’s device is the king of the hill of Android phones — for the next twelve minutes or so, until the new next-best-Android-phone rises up to knock it off its perch.”, said iFixit in a blog post.

Take a look at iFixit’s detailed guide for more information.