Motorola Tablet with Honeycomb [VIDEO]

moto tab

Today at San Francisco, the Wall Street Journal held the D:Dive into Mobile conference that focused on all recent developments being made in the mobile space. Andy Rubin, the father of Android and Google executive was present at the conference.

He showed off a Motorola tablet which ran on Honeycomb (Android 3.0). Not many details were revealed, but it appears that the tablet lacks physical buttons and he also demonstrated a complete new Maps application running on the tablet. When asked about Honeycomb, Rubin stated that a new API was added that allows any application to split its views into multiple panes. On a tablet, they could be side by side, and on a phone in series one after the other.

Check out the complete video of the tablet demonstration below.

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  • Anonymous

    I love the last comment about price “this thing is literally about $10,000”, I work in electronics manufacturing and it is true, early samples do cost upward of that much because of the specialist mechanical tooling, short production runs and sample prototype components. About once a year someone sends me a product to test that costs at least that much but you don’t think about it when you are using it.

    • Champsa

      very informative.

  • Gong

    ipad….watch out!