iPad Helps Increase Computer Hardware Sales


According to comScore (a research firm), the Apple iPad is helping drive consumers’ holiday spending on computer hardware. Computer hardware sales is a top growing category for the holiday season with a 25 percent increase compared to last year.

“Purchases of handheld devices (such as Apple iPads and e-readers) and laptop computers drove much of the growth.”, wrote comScore. People consider the iPad to be a computer in a different form factor and thus the increase in sales of the iPad leads to a growth of the computer hardware industry. The tablet from Apple with indefinite capabilities has revolutionzed the entire industry. According to rumors, Apple even plans to launch a new iPad in the month of January next year which would sport better docking facilities, two cameras and a high resolution display.

Apart from computer hardware, the sales of consumer electornics, books and magazines and even computer software have experienced an increase.

via [comScore]