iOS and Google TV Among Cyber Attack Targets for 2011

McAfee, the popular computer security company which was recently acquired by Intel released its 2011 Threat Predictions report which highlighted the platforms and services that would be the target of cyber attacks.

Among the list were Internet based TV services like Google TV and mobile platforms like Android and iOS. According to McAfee, the Apps that would run on these platforms would expose privacy and identity data.

McAfee also reports that Apple based devices that have been comparatively safe from attacks would be the target for cyber attacks in 2011. “The popularity of iPads and iPhones in business environments, combined with the lack of user understanding of proper security for these devices, will increase the risk for data and identity exposure, and will make Apple botnets and Trojans a common occurrence.”, said McAfee.

Another popular target that comes as no surprise would be mobile devices like Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone.

You can read the complete report here.


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