How to – Get Gingerbread Keyboard on Eclair or Froyo

gingerbread keyboard

Love the bigger and better keyboard in Gingerbread? Can’t wait till Gingerbread becomes available for your Android phone? Here’s a solution from XDA-Developers. A user has uploaded an APK of the new Gingerbread keyboard which can be used on Froyo as well as Eclair without requiring a rooted Android device.

To get the new keyboard from Google on your device, follow the instructions below –

1. Download the APK from here.
2. Place the downloaded APK into your phone’s root folder by connecting your device to your PC.
3. Install the APK from your device by using a file manager.
4. Open the “Settings” application, go to “Language and Keyboard,” and enable the “Gingerbread Keyboard.

Great, you’re done! You can now navigate to any field where text input is required to try out your latest input method.