Google Launches eBookstore

Google has just stepped into the eBook war with its new eBook Store. The Google eBookstore, a long awaited service has been launched today in the US and looks really intriguing. Google will be selling books via its online eBooks Store and users can download and read it on almost any device including the iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony’s Reader, Android and the web.

While Kindle, Barnes and Nobles and now even Apple offer a solution for reading eBooks, the thing that would separate Google’s book store would be price. The book store currently has over three million titles and loads of them are for sale. Google plans to make eBooks as open and accessible as Picasa and Gmail and thus has come up with this new service.

Google has even partnered with independent booksellers including Powell’s, Alibris and participating members of the American Booksellers Association. Google would also allow basic customization that almost all other readers allow like font, font-size, brightness and line spacing.

Reading books is extremely easy. You just need to select a book, log into your Google account and you are done. The book will be accessible from almost anywhere. Take a look at the book below in a browser.

google book browser
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Update – The Google Books App is not yet accessible from the App Store.

Get Google Books for Android from here.