Essential Android Apps – Gesture Search

gesture search

Essential Android App #16 – Certain features are really unique to the Android platform. Android gesture recognition technology is mind boggling and dazzles anyone who uses it. Google has an amazing App in the market dubbed as “Gesture Search” that allows users to search by drawing gestures.

The App is a great alternative to the regular search bar widget available for Android phones and is extremely fast. You can search for anything starting from contacts and music to apps and browser bookmarks. The App is extremely efficient in recognizing the letter and displays the results instantly. You can even set the writing speed according to your choice and send stats to Google to help them improve the App.


If the App fails to recognize a particular letter (though it never does), you can simply swipe left to erase it or swipe right to add a space.

We highly recommend this App to all Android users and they can get it from the Android market for free.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10

This post is a part our new series dubbed “Essential Android Apps“.