Essential Android App – Reddit is fun

reddit is fun

#14 Essential Android App – Reddit is fun- We continue to highlight the best Apps for your Android device that would help you enhance the functionality of your device. Reddit is an excellent source of information for users as well as publishers.

Reddit is fun for Android gives you the ability to completely access and manage Reddit from your Android device. While reddit can be accessed from the Android browser, the Reddit is fun app presents Reddit in an interesting manner completely optimized for Android.

reddit is fun android

You can view the Reddit homepage or dig deep into individual sub-Reddits and choose between two themes, dark and light. If you regularly submit links to Reddit, the App would dazzle you. With Reddit is fun, you can submit links to Reddit directly via the App. Managing your Reddit account, posting comments, replying to comments and sorting articles by hot, controversial and new is extremely simple with Reddit is fun.

All these amazing features are available for free and can be downloaded via the Android Market. If you go for the pro version, the App would come along with a widget that would give you quick access to Reddit.