Essential Android App – Android System Info

android sys

Android System Info is the ultimate managing App that gives you utmost detail about your Android device including the battery life, system memory usage, total device uptime, and even the RAM usage. You can even dig deep into the system and get build info, battery type, your SIM card type, number and loads more.

It also acts as a great task manager and displays all the processes running and allows you to either switch the task or end it. Widgets have also been added by the developer allowing you to quickly monitor your device performance from the home-screen itself.


The App is extremely useful and helps in quickly determining the system info and the various processes running. While the task manager is efficient, it does not have a single Kill All Processes button that would kill the unnecessary Apps. The App is available for free and can be downloaded via the Android Market.

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-TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10

Android System Info [AppBrain Link]