Dicarta for iOS – Most Innovative Mobile Planner

diacarta icon

Diacarta for iOS has gone where no other mobile planner has ever gone. It helps you plan your day tasks in pictures rather than plain text. You will be presented with a clock around which you need to add tasks by dragging and dropping the desired image.

dicarta app

To create an event, you can simply tap on the plus icon and you’ll be presented with a huge variety of images. The images are neatly designed and you would definitely find an image related to your specific task/event. If you don’t find one, you can use a plain circle. You can then place the image around the clock between a specific time period and the image would arrange itself in an extraordinary manner. Naming events, adding location and creating reminders for events is all possible with this amazing planner.

The App currently does not support syncing with other calendars, but the developer has confirmed that syncing would be available in the next version. Diacarta is an amazing planner and we wish that an iPad version comes out too. The App is currently on version 1.2 and can be downloaded via the App Store for $1.99.

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