DevDialogue – Spirits iOS App Developer Speaks

spirits ipad

Spirits for iOS is one such game which you would want to play all over again even after completing it. It is so engaging, thrilling and stunning. In this DevDialogue with TheAppleGoogle, Mr. Andreas Zecher of Spaces of Play explains how they got the idea, future plans and even shared his thoughts on Game Center.

How did you conceive the idea for the App?

It was a long process. The basic design goals for the game was that it should be about manipulating game spaces, and about player creativity. It started out with a prototype of the basic gameplay with ants in a lush forest, this was changed into a dark world with sleep-walking ghost, and finally ended up being the leaf spirits we have now. The game mechanics of the wind was an idea that we got from the characters look. We tried it out and liked how it made the gameplay more dynamic and at times chaotic. Although the chaos dynamic was something we worked hard to reduce so that the game always feel fair.

spirits ipad

What do you think about Game Center? Do you plan to make Spirits for iPad Game Center compatible?

When we started developing Spirits, Game Center wasn’t available. We now feel that GameCenter doesn’t add so much to the experience for our game. That said we might look into adding support in the future.

What is your vision with Spaces of Play?

We are a group of independent game designers, visual artists and musicians that come together with the goal of creating great games. Our focus is on original ideas, gameplay and polish.

Do you intend to port Spirits to the iPhone?

Yes, it’s available on the App Store from the 8th of December.

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How long did Apple’s approval process take? Were you satisfied with their performance?

The approval process takes about 7-10 days, and we didn’t have any issues at all to get our app approved. We have some experience from other projects that helped us in knowing where things can go wrong.

What other help from Apple could have made your development process better?

We wish Apple made it easier to upgrade the OS for end users. This would make development and testing much easier for a small developer such as us.

Can users expect new regular updates that would add some exciting new levels?

This is something we haven’t decided yet. For the price, we feel that you get quite a bit of content. It will take several of hours to play through the whole game, with some players telling us their play-time is counted in days. 🙂

What about iPad 2? Do you believe that Apple would launch a new iPad next year?

Lets hope so! But we don’t have any insider information on this.