Chrome OS is Here

chrome os

At a conference today, Google finally made its lightweight operating system, Chrome OS available. Chrome OS is an operating system completely based on a browser and the cloud.

Chrome OS is extremely simple to setup – fire it up, choose your internet connectivity, accept terms and conditions, check for update, log in, take a picture of yourself and you are done. A complete operating system with Apps, extensions and high speed will be at your disposal.

If you have a printer connected to the internet, you can also use Google Print to print documents without having to download and install the printer drivers.

Apps would also be supported by the OS in form of web-apps. Google is also showing off its Chrome Web Store that would help users test and purchase Apps that would be compatible with the OS. Multiple user accounts will be available too, along with a guest mode, which launches an incognito window for users.

Chrome’s Web Store – a store similar to the iTunes Store, but browser based is an app store “made for discovery” and with Chrome OS, Google wants to deliver the “same instant experience everywhere”.