Awesome Note for iPad is Really Awesome

BRID recently ported their critically acclaimed application for the iPhone and the iPod touch to the iPad. Awesome Note for the iPad is an amazing note taking application and to-do manager with indefinite capabilities.

As you might suggest from the name, it is a note taking application. Nope, it’s more than that. Note taking combined with an awesome todo manager along with a brilliant and well designed user interface makes Awesome Note. If you already use Google Docs or Evernote for all your note needs, don’t worry – Awesome Note will import and export all your data from your accounts and bring them all to just one App. We have reviewed Awesome Note for iPhone earlier, but the iPad version is simply stunning.

The large screen makes the App a lot more efficient and useful. You can even use handwriting to make notes and quick memos. The App includes loads of fonts and backgrounds that help you make your note even more interactive and beautiful. You can create folders, group specific tasks and even password protect folders. Awesome note also adds a few additional buttons while you are making notes to help you make quick jumps from word to word.

Awesome Note for iPad [iTunes Link]