20 iPad Tips – Auto-fill

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The iPad completely changes the way we experience the web. While browsing around, you come across many sites that require you to fill in forms. Filling in the same details is a cumbersome task and thus Auto-fill, a great feature available in mobile Safari would come to your rescue.

Auto-fill is present under Settings > Safari. It imports data from your contacts and fills in the form based on the data from the contact or uses your previous names and passwords to fill in forms. To get started, simply select “Auto-fill” under Safari Settings. If you want Auto-fill to fill in forms based on a contact, slide the switch on under “Use Contact Info” and select a contact.


If you’d like Auto-fill to automatically save names and passwords, select the “Names and Passwords” field. Done! The next time you’d be filling in a form, it would be automatically be filled saving your time.

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