20 iPad Tips – Force Close Apps from Multi-tasking

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iOS 4.2 brought a lot of new additions to the iPad including multi-tasking, folders and game center. Multi-tasking has truly revolutionized the iPad and with iOS 4.2, the magical device is much more revolutionary than before.

Apple does its best to prevent battery drainage even when Apps are running in the background and quick App switching helps save a lot of time. Apps in multi-tasking do not run forever. They automatically close after a certain period, but if you want to stop an App in multi-tasking, Apple does allow you to do that.

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Simply double click the home screen button to bring up the multi-tasking bar and tap and hold on any of the icon until it starts to jiggle. Once it is jiggling, a close icon will appear on top of each of the Apps. Tap on it and you’ll close the App from multi-tasking.

A well-known, but useful trick.

This post is a part of our new series dubbed “20 iPad Tips and Tricks”.

  • Adam

    This is no good if you’ve opened 10 apps – you have to manually close each one! Why the hell isn’t there a simple Close button?

  • Karen

    I have an original ipad and when i double click the home button, no apps show up as open.  however i bet they are open in the background but i can access them.  It works on the ipad 2 and on the iphones 

    • Rikkie

      And what version of IOS ?

  • nono

    I will like a fast way to close all app at a time.

  • Ajmauriello

    How can you do the reverse? Let’s say you accidentally kept something from multitasking when you didn’t want to.

  • Kitstj

    Again my Jangle will not let me play opponents…I can only play self. I am afraid if I remove it and try to sign re load ythe app it will tell me it is already downloaded……

  • adware is malware

    Maybe if you split articles one word to a page you could inflict even more violation on surfers?