Top 5 iPod Nano Watch Cases


When Steve Jobs was announcing the new iPod nano with multi-touch, he said that one of the board members within Apple was planning to use the device as a wrist watch. While Apple does not supply a case that would turn the iPod nano into a wrist watch, the case manufacturers certainly knew that this was the market they should be targeting.

At present, we have some great cases from leading case manufactures that would make the iPod nano 6G an excellent wrist watch. In today’s “top” section, we will be focusing on the best cases for the new device that would force you to replace your current wrist watch with the new iPod nano.

Griffin Slap – Griffin’s recently announced Slap case for the new iPod nano completely transforms it to a wrist watch. These well designed cases are available in eight different colors. The case is made up of soft and flexible spring steel band and feels real hard. It covers all the buttons, but leaves the audio jack uncovered.

The case is not yet available for purchase, but we will notify you as soon as it arrives.

Price – $24.99


Hex Watch Band – Available in nine different colors, these cases are perfect for daily use. You just need to pop in you iPod nano into the case and it will snap-in easily. It is made up of a Custom premium silicone strap and includes integrated buttons. Apart from acting as a great band, it also helps you protect your device.

TikTok and LunaTik – With nearly $200K in their bank account, these latest kits from Minimal are designed to make the nano a LCD based wrist-watch. The folks at Minimal have also posted videos explaining the concept of TikTok which will retail at $35.95 and the LunaTik which will retail at $69.95. Both cases feature a snap-in design and the company aims to sell these great looking cases at the Apple Store.

Incipio NGP – The Incipio NGP is a great way to transform your iPod nano into a wrist watch. With a rugged surface, great design, good build quality, soothing colors and high durability, this case looks amazing for everyday use.

The case is expected to release mid-to-late November for $24.99

NanoWatch Grey – NanoWatch is a website dedicated to iPod anno watch cases. You can choose from a variety of cases, but we like the NanoWatch Grey case. At first sight, you’d notice the truly amazing color of the case. It feels rigid and is designed in such a way that it gives you instant access to the clip on the back of the device.

For $18.00, this case is spectacular.