Top 5 Games for iPad – Round 1

ipad gaming platform

The iPad has emerged as a really strong gaming platform and with every passing day newer and better gaming titles are being added to the App Store. This “Top 5” section looks at the top games for the magical device that make it so much fun.

osmos hd

5. Osmos HD – Control an organism that can shoot pieces of itself to move around in a large area and can even absorb other organisms that are smaller than it. The title is entertaining and as soon as it was ported from the Mac to the iPad, it was given a warm welcome. You can use multi-touch gestures to control the organism in different ways and you need to absorb other organisms to become the largest in order to proceed. With its jaw-dropping graphics, excellent controls and soothing music, Hemisphere Games have created something really unique.

Price – $4.99

cut the rope ipad

4. Cut the Rope – An insanely popular title for the iPad and iPhone in which you need to cut ropes tactfully and deliver the candy to Om Nom’s stomach. With many ropes attached, you need to make the correct decision and with the perfect timing you can easily deliver the candy. At present, there are only 5 levels available, but Chillingo plans to add more levels constantly for more fun.

Price – $0.99

angry birds hd

3. Angry Birds – Oh Angry Birds fans, we apologize! We respect your emotions and know that you feel that this game should have been the number one game for the iPad, but we purposely chose another title so that new iPad owners can get a taste of other titles available.

Angry Birds has been the top grossing App in the App Store. It is yet another famous title from Chillingo. Use different birds with different strengths to attack the pigs and save the eggs.

Let the fight begin!

Price – $4.99

fruit ninja hd

2. Fruit Ninga HD – Slice the popping fruits quickly while avoiding bombs and use all your five fingers to earn great combos in this exciting title from Halfbrick Studios.

Price – $0.99

gta cw

1. GTA Chinatown Wars – This GTA title has been designed for mobile devices like the iPhone, PSP and Nintendo DS, but as the iPad was launched, Rockstar Games instantly ported this popular title to the revolutionary device.

Chinatown Wars HD has been optimized for the large screen with stunning 1024×768 HD graphics. The game has the same missions available on other platforms but the controls have been revamped for the iPad. Users get the usual electrifying Grand Theft Auto experience with a slew of missions, cars to drive, people to kill and cars to unlock.

Price – $9.99

As there are so many electrifying games available for the iPad, it is hard to pick out only five. In a total of 5 rounds, we will publish the most amazing games that would make your iPad a great gaming platform.

Which is your favorite game? Pour in your thoughts in the comments section below.