Preview Pages Before Clicking Them With Google Instant Previews

In a quest to offer a more snappier and better search engine results page, Google has today announced a new “Instant” feature that allows users to preview pages before clicking on them.

The new feature is called “Google Instant Previews” and it adds a magnifying glass icon beside every page allowing users to instantly view a screenshot preview of the page before clicking on them. Google would also highlight the search term in that page making it easier for you to navigate and browse through the page instead of having to go through each and every element on the page.

instant previews

The screenshot or preview of that page would appear on the right of the results and if you are a keyboard ninga, you can easily navigate by pressing the up and down arrow keys and once you hit the right arrow key, it would show an instant preview.

Google Instant Preview will help you compare different websites instantly, view screenshots of pages without having to click on them and even find relevant content easily.

The feature is now being rolled out and would be soon available in more than 40 languages.