Are MP4’s days numbered?

iphone 4 video

MP4 conversion, I hate it. I’d spend hours converting avi movies to mp4, copy them to my library, sync to my iPhone, watch them back and then the audio would be out of sync. A mouth would flap but no words would be heard or vice versa.

I searched high and low for the correct software for encoding and finally chose one. However, I begrudged every second of that search. I also begrudged every second of the conversion process.

I was therefore delighted when CineXPlayer was launched a few weeks ago and eagerly tried it out. I was most satisfied at cutting out the conversion step and enthusiastically recommended it to friends, who thanked me for it.

The options then doubled with the long-awaited arrival of the VLC Player for iPhone which works almost exactly the same. Though with Cinexplayer stealing a march on VLC it has more functionality, such as closed captioning, orientation Lock and even TV-Out.

So, iPhones can play avi files just fine; you even have a choice of apps to do it with. Why bother with conversion? Are mp4s no longer required? What do you think? Pour in your thoughts in the comments section below.

-Greig Byrne