Essential Android Apps – Cover Art Downloader

cover art downloader app

#19 – You probably have more than a thousand songs in your music library, but some of them would be missing album artwork. The openness of Android has allowed the existence of Apps that allow you to update your songs with cover art that look great on your screen.

One such App is “Cover Art Downloader”. The App is available for free in the Android market and will help you find all the missing artworks and update them accordingly with just one tap. There aren’t any bells and whistles attached to the App and it is best at doing only one thing – downloading missing cover art for all your songs. There isn’t much to the App and once you fire it, you can instruct it to search for your cover art and it would automatically scan and help you find them.

cover art downlaoder for android

It takes a bit of time for the process to complete, but you can always multitask. The results are extremely good and the App was able to find the cover art for most of the songs. We also like “Album Art Grabber” for this purpose.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9.2/10

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Cover Art Downloader [AppBrain Link]