8pen for Android is Now Free

Android users, rush to the Android market. 8pen, the magical keyboard that reinvents writing on touch screen devices is now available for free in the Android market.

The App just got updated which made it available to users for free and even added some great new features as well as fixed a few bugs. Most importantly, the App has added support for voice input which means that Froyo users could now simply speak into their phones and the speech would automatically get converted to text. A few basic themes have also been added and some bugs have been fixed.

Here’s everything that is new in 8pen version 1.1 –

Auto-space optional
Voice input (Android 2.2 w. voice recognition)
Preview popup
Improved dictionary support
Basic themes
Height adjustment
Fine-grained shift pressure threshold
Optional vibration in central region
Slightly modified numeric layout
HTC Tattoo fix
Fix of phone keyboard bug causing force close on some phones

Go get it now!

8pen for Android [AppBrain Link]