20 iPad Tips – Capturing Screenshots

ipad tips

Just got an iPad? Are you still amazed by the thinness and the features of this truly magical product? In this new series we will provide some tips that would help you love your iPad even more.

Tip 1 – Screenshots are a great way to share your screen. Taking screenshots on iOS is not as complicated as other platforms. To take a screenshot, simply press the power button first and then press the Home button without leaving the power button.

A clicking sound would be heard which would confirm that the screenshot was successfully taken. To browse the screenshot, you could tap photos on your iPad and select “Saved Photos”. Browse through the album and you’ll find your screenshot right there.

TAG Screen

You could then share the picture via email, set it as the home background, load it to drop box and do anything that you could with a normal picture.

If you are an iPad ninja and have some great tips to share, shoot out an email at tips@TheAppleGoogle.com and we would be glad to publish it.