20 iPad Tips – Cancel Backup

ipad backup

Though Steve Jobs believes that iTunes for Windows is like giving a glass of fresh ice water to someone who is in hell and iTunes for Mac is the best possible entertainment solution anyone could ever get, syncing your iOS devices to your PC/Mac can be problematic at times.

Every time you connect your iPad to iTunes, it creates a backup of all your data to prevent data loss due to future upgrades or some malfunction. While backing up is essential, it takes time and sometimes you might just want to hurry up and quickly get that song or App on your iPad without backing it up.

You can always cancel the backup process while in a hurry by clicking on the cross icon next to it. Once you connect your device, the first step it does is backup. Simply press the cross button beside it to stop the process and continue with the sync.

While this trick saves time, it is not recommended that you always do it. Backing up your iPad is a good thing to do every once in a week or so.

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