How To – Search your Evernote Account Using Google

Evernote Google Search

In a recent conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said “The next step in search is a move towards more personal results.” The folks at Evernote have exactly the same concept in mind and thus they are launching “Simultaneous Search” today.

Evernote’s Google Chrome extension is amazingly handy and lets you access your Evernote account and even clip web elements to your account by just a click. Today, Evernote is adding Simultaneous Search to the extension which allows users to search their Evernote account using Google.

Simultaneous Search makes Evernote more accessible and useful. The feature is turned off by default and you can activate it by changing the preferences under options. Once activated, simply search for a topic in Google and if you have a note in Evernote with a similar tag, it would be displayed under an additional bar atop the results in your search results page. The feature also works with Google Images and Google Shopping.


The feature is mind-boggling and clearly states the power of being “Open”. The extension now also allows you email your clips to up to ten friends right from inside the Evernote Extension popup. Currently, this functionality is only available in Google Chrome, but the Evernote Team plans to make it available on other search engines and browsers too.

Evernote Chrome Extension [Download Link]


  1. says

    So, if I’ve got it set up like above, and I google for a phrase and I’ve got an evernote with exactly that text in it, will that show up as a result in the extra bar when Googling? 

    Or will it only match tags? ….

    If it’s the former Evernote just got on my “to install” list 🙂


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