DevDialogue – Finger Physics App Developer Speaks

Finger Physics is a popular title from PressOK Entertainment that is enjoyed by over 40 million users. With updates that add new levels every month, great graphics and a mind boggling experience, Finger Physics has become a best seller. In an interview with TheAppleGoogle, Stephanie Casey of PressOK Entertainment describes the idea, relationship with Apple and the future plans of the organisation.

1. How did you conceive the idea of the App?

Finger Physics did really well on the iPhone and iPod Touch, so this was a project we were considering for a long time. The gameplay and art in Finger Physics bodes well to a larger screen and we knew we had eager fans awaiting its port to iPad.

2. How long did Apple’s approval process take? Are you satisfied with their performance?

The approval process took about a week. It’s hit and miss with Apple’s approval time, sometimes it’s a couple days and sometimes it’s a couple of weeks. We were very fortunate to be featured by Apple in the “New & Noteworthy” and then again in “What’s Hot” so that definitely helped gain some exposure for us during launch.

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3. What are your thoughts about the new iPhone and iPod touch? Do you intend to make use of the gyroscope for better gaming?

The gyroscope offers us a lot of possibilities – we haven’t committed to integrating the feature into our games yet, but it does give us more options for future updates and new titles. We’ve been very impressed with the improved graphics and functionality of the new hardware and we do everything we can to take advantage of it in our gameplay.

4. Why did you choose to incorporate OpenFeint in the App?

In the right games, OpenFeint can really enhance the overall gaming experience. We try and incorporate OpenFeint wherever it makes sense, so we can give our users added value and an added dimension of competition.

5. The App has a lot of levels and is constantly updated with new levels. How does PressOK Entertainment manage to achieve this?

As mentioned in the last question, delivering value to our users is paramount in our approach to winning new customers and keeping our existing ones happy. We aim for monthly updates so Finger Physics is always fresh and users keep coming back to it. Our ultimate goal is to make games people love so much they tell their friends about them. It’s a simple, organic approach but so far it’s working.

6. How has your relationship been with Apple?

Apple has been a great company to work with. While some of their quality control issues can hamper development to a small extent, overall it’s been a very positive experience. It’s exciting to see Apple churn out new platform updates and hardware all the time. They’ve created a fiercely loyal customer base which we of course benefit from.

7. Can you give us a sneak peek into the future of PressOK?

PressOK has some exciting things in the pipeline in terms of numerous updates, ports and brand new titles. Between now and the end of the year we’ll be expanding our offerings quite a bit and we’re looking forward to launching our new projects. Keep an eye on us in the coming months!

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Finger Physics for iPhone [iTunes Link]