Cut the Rope Reaches 1 Million Downloads

cut the rope

Cut the Rope is another successful title from Chillingo (developers of Angry Birds) and it has been selected as the top-paid as well as the top-free App on the App Store.

Cut the Rope is an amazing game for iPad and iPhone in which you need to direct the candy to Om Nom, the adorable monster by cutting ropes tactfully and using the provided tools. It has got many levels and the game is really challenging. Today, Chillingo announced that Cut the Rope has reached 1 million downloads from the App Store which makes it a best-seller.

Five star reviews are pouring in the App Store and users seem to have gone crazy about the App. There is also a free (lite) version of the App available for users to try, a secret behind Chillingo’s overwhelming success. The App crossed 1 million downloads in just 10 days making it the fastest-selling iOS game according to Chillingo.

Cut the Rope [iTunes Link]