Chrome 7 Beta Now Available

chrome icon

Chrome, Google’s highly acclaimed, lightning fast and extension compatible browser just reached version 7.0 and is now available for Beta testing.

The new version includes Google’s experimental Chrome Labs feature which will make it easier for Chrome testers and developers to try out new features from Google Chrome Labs and provide feedback and report bugs. Beta users can access the labs feature by typing “chrome://labs” into the Omnibox (status bar).

Users have also noticed that Google Instant works via the Omnibox and the feature could be expected in the next versions of the browser. With Chrome 7, users could also choose to place tabs on the side instead of the top and users can also experiement with HTMl5 and other newer web standards.

For Mac users, a new expose view of all the open tabs is also viewable (the feature is really neat).

Google Chrome 7 is now available and beta testers can download it from here.

Have you tried the browser recently? What are your thoughts on it? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Thanks Greig]