Top 3 Note Taking Apps for Android


The Android Market boasts over 80,000 Apps and some Apps help you stay productive and manage tasks. Note taking Apps are really popular in the market and we put down three of the best note taking Apps available for the mobile operating system developed by Google.

3. GTasks – GTasks is an extremely powerful note taking and task managing application for Android. It syncs with Google Tasks and also supports native note editing. You can even share the notes using a variety of services and the App even sports a powerful widget. The widget makes this App unique, is highly customizable and is available in three different forms. You could create lists and send tasks to the “Completed” list by just a tap.

It works in both portrait and landscape mode. It also allows you to set reminders for specific tasks and it notifies you too. Unfortunately, you can’t change the background of the notes, but overall the App is amazing with a lot of great features.

Price – FREE ($6.99 to remove ads)

Colornote Android

2. ColorNote – With ColorNote for Android, you could easily take notes or create a checklist. The App is highly customizable and you could change the background color of the notes simply. You can even share notes and set a reminder for them. It does not sync with Google Tasks, but you could backup all your notes and checklists and save them on the phone. It will ask you for a master password and will encrypt all the notes. Notes can be searched by text or by voice and with ColorDict, a dictionary could be added too. The widget is also powerful and the App puts a reminder for a note on the status bar. ColorNote is really useful and the different colors make it attractive.

Price – FREE


1. Evernote – Already a huge success on Mac, Windows and iOS, Evernote is the ultimate note taking App with indefinite features. The App is unbelievably rich and has over 3 million customers. The recent “Evernote Trunk” idea adds thousands of new features to the App. To get started, you need to create an Evernote account and download the App from the market. You could then create audio notes, video notes, text notes, upload a file and sync them to your account. Once synced, you can access your notes from all your devices.

Evernote for Android has a hard time displaying notes on the device itself and the note taking environment is just fine. Otherwise, the App is brilliant and the experience is incomparable.

Price – FREE

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  • Brett Kromkamp

    The majority of the note taking apps do not have the ability to semantically link notes, that is, placing notes within their
    appropriate context in relation to each other. NotesMappr allows you to do exactly that. NotesMappr is a semantic note taking app
    for Android. In other words, NotesMappr is note taking that fits your brain.

  • Alex

     There are also new generation note taking applications, that let you record an event, operation or process by
    taking images / video and adding notes. See, for example, AHG Cloud Note.

  • Guy

    Try TabNotes, best handwritten notes takg app for android

  • Chongaiklee

    Try look at springpad… but i prefer UPAD for IPad. Hope Android developers will catch up soon…. go go go

  • Chris

    With Evernote and Colornote being ridiculously over-featured (check the download size!) I found Note Monger quite refreshing. Check it out if you want something lean and fast…

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  • Guest

    Thanks Chris, for Android Notemonger is definitely worth a close look. I use it for my task list now

  • robb brush

    NOPE, is BEST, lite on the mb’s by half with all the goodies!

  • Ken

    If you just want a note sharing app for android or chrome without all the bloat, try MicButton Notes for Android or Chrome (pronounced Mike Button). It is simple and works great off line. It lets you know when someone else edit or add a note.

  • Rusty

    I have been using evernote in my business setting. It has one huge drawback, perhaps someone here can help. As I stated I use it at work, I do Environmental Health & Safety, and take a lot of notes. When I am in the plant, I cant acquire a good signal, cant connect to google, and thus cant take notes. Any suggestions?

  • Tery Emilson

    Maybe give ShareNOTZ a try. It keeps your notes synchronized between all your devices, and lets you share your notes, lists, and reminders with others and collaborate on them in real time.