Ping Gets One Million Users in 48 hours


Apple has just announced that its social-network for music that is integrated with iTunes, Ping has attracted over 1 million users in the first 48 hours.

“One third of the people who have downloaded iTunes 10 have joined Ping. As many more people download iTunes 10 in the coming weeks, we expect the Ping community to continue growing.” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s Vice President of Internet Services.

Ping is like Facebook and Twitter combined for music. There aren’t a lot of major artists or bands on Ping now, but we could surely expect to see them as Ping grows. Ping lets you create a circle of friends, follow friends, follow artists or bands, get concert listings and even discover new music that your friends are listening to.

Unfortunately, Ping has not been a huge success in the community and the social network was also hit by comment spam and international availability issues recently. It has even got unfavorable reviews from the press and users don’t seem to like it either. However, early adopters and Apple fans are joining Ping to test it and the large number of active users could make Ping better.

We have even published a screenshot guide that shows you how to get started with iTunes 10 and Ping. Have a look at it and follow us on Twitter to stay updated about the latest happenings in the Ping community.