iTunes 10 Launched

New iTunes Logo

Apple has launched iTunes 10 – the next version of iTunes. The logo has been changed and the design has been improved.

One of the biggest things that Apple focuses with iTunes is discovery. Today, Apple is releasing a new kind of social network for iTunes dubbed “Ping”. Ping will be below iTunes Store in iTunes. Once you click on Ping, you see the recent activity of the friends and artists you are following, which shows you the music they are listening to and endorsing. You can even be alerted to concerts. You could follow your favorite friends and check what they are listening to.


It even has a custom chart which shows the top charts based on the recommendations from the friends you are following. It is like Twitter and Facebook for music.

It is social music discovery and you can follow people and be followed. You could share songs with only your buddies or everyone. You could also post thoughts and opinions, get concert listings and create a circle of friends. Ping will also be added to iPhone, iPod touches and iPads.

Complete review of Ping and iTunes 10 coming up.

Image Credit – GDGT