iPod touch Teardown – Features Compromised for Price

The new iPod touch is really thin and the folks at iFixit have taken the device for a ride. The team performed their regular teardown tests and have reported back.

According to the iFixit team, the new iPod touch is extremely thin and surprisingly has been the easiest iPod touch to open. The 4th Generation iPod Touch’s A4 processor package has the same 256 MB Samsung SDRAM markings found on the iPad’s processor. Apple has chosen to put the A4 found on the iPad rather than the A4 used on iPhone 4 to reach their price goals.


The team found out that the new device has a 960*720 resolution camera that is only 0.7 megapixels compared to the 5 megapixel camera boasted by the iPhone 4. It is also impossible to install an iPhone 4 camera in an iPod touch 4th generation. The device does not have a vibrator and the claims made by Apple have also been removed from Apple’s website.

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