GTA Chinatown Wars HD – You’ll Get Addicted

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars HD

Rockstar Games launched the portable version of their insanely famous Grand Theft Auto series for iPhone back in January. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is available for iPod touch, iPhone, Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS. The company shocked the world by introducing the title to the iPad.

Chinatown Wars HD has been optimized for the large screen with stunning 1024×768 HD graphics. It is probably the best game available on the App Store. The game has the same missions available on other platforms but the controls have been revamped for the iPad.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars HD Screenshot

Users get the usual electrifying Grand Theft Auto experience with a slew of missions, cars to drive, people to kill and cars to unlock. If you have played Chinatown Wars on some other platform, you are already aware of the popular car unlocking feature. You need to put in screws, rotate them, connect wires and do all kinds of stuff to unlock a car. With Chinatown Wars on iPad, unlocking cars is exciting and interesting.

The sad part is that the game is available for a separate $9.99 and if you already have the iPhone version, you need to purchase it again for your iPad. The buttons are a bit small and the battery tends to drain out quickly while the game is running.

The game has the potential to dazzle you. Get the best Grand Theft Auto experience ever from here. [iTunes Link]