Google Instant Is Here

Google Instant

The Google Search-As-You-Type feature that was leaked earlier, is now live. Google calls it Google Instant and it displays results in real time as you type without hitting the search button.

Google Instant will be available to users that have signed in using their Google account and users using Firefox, Chrome, Safari for Mac and Internet Explorer can access it. According to Google, Instant will help you save 2-5 seconds per search, get instant results before even hitting the search button and will help you by giving smarter predictions.

Along with Instant, the Google home page got a new design too. The logo is now bigger and results start to show as you type in your query. While browsing an instant search you could even scroll up or down the results page.

If you get distracted by the new feature, you could turn it off by logging into your account and changing the settings from the preferences page.