How to – Use Google Instant on iPad [VIDEO]

Google Instant

Search engine giant, Google launched Google Instant on Wednesday that displays results as you type even before hitting the search button.

With this new feature, Google plans to save users time and predict better as well as accurate search results. “Search results are displayed as you type, not after you type” said Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President of search product and user experience at a press conference in San Francisco.

For this feature to work, you need to log in to your Google Account and must run Firefox, Safari on Mac, Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome. Google also announced that they are working hard to bring the feature on mobile devices and it could make an appearance this fall.

Until then, you could use this neat trick to use the feature on your iPad or iPhone.

1. Download a browser from the App Store that allows you to tweak settings. We used Lastpass Tab Browser(Free) for the test, but you could choose any of the browsers from our Top 5 Browsers for iPad list.

2. Open the browser and tap settings.

3. Change the user agent to “Firefox 3.6”.

4. Login to your Google account.

5. Go to the Google homepage and use Instant right on your iPad or iPhone.

Watch this short video demonstrating Google Instant on an iPad.