Next Generation iPad Possible Design Revealed

Today, PatentlyApple reported that China’s Patent and Trademark Office has officially published a series of new Apple Industrial Designs. According to the reports, the next generation iPad would definitely have a front-facing camera for Face-Time and will also include a two way dock connector.

The design does not show a back camera but does include a spot in the front which could be a camera or a sensor. Other design patterns show that the iPad 2G could have two 30 pin connectors that would allow it to be docked in both portrait as well as landscape mode. A two way dock connector doesn’t sound like Apple, but as of now this is the scenario.

ipad bezel

Reports also suggest that the magical device would have a smart bezel. It could be anything and there aren’t any insights available on this one.

ipad dock

Apple is likely to announce the future iPad this January and let us hope that Apple surprises us again.