Apple TV to iUltimate


Some time back we had talked about the “Great White Shark Strategy” of Apple and had made the projection that for Apple the next move would be to move from the “device-focus” to the “device-interface-content focus”. This anticipation seemed to be only logical because a device in isolation with as many use features as it can support, will only wither away in the face of competition if it does not capture the content arena as well.

Steve’s hobby baby has delivered the Apple TV. Umm! It is the first step in the direction of the iUltimate. Robert Cyran, a noted Reuters Breakingviews columnist assesses that while the new Apple TV device allows users to stream content, albeit by a small measure, Apple is still within the domain of the device and not the content. Well, the assessment as on date is perhaps correct, but the question is that this is not to be for long. We foresee Apple’s new product development champs traversing the great continuum and coming out with the new product which will tie up the hardware with the content. It is for sure that Apple will never get into making the content but will definitely work towards sourcing it. The interface for the content can be through various channels, but for Apple this would have to be a “go-to” decision.

Whether Steve would like to call this device as the iUltimate or some other name, it is for sure that the world is expecting Apple to come out with an ultimate product which will allow the users to combine business with entertainment through the device-content route.

The Great White Shark Apple is destined to rule the oceans of the world.