New Patent Reveals Possible iMac touch and iTV Chip Architecture


According to Patently Apple, a newly published patent application from Apple reveals a few processes behind Apple’s own A4 processor. The patent relates to methods that help in reducing the size of a system’s circuitry by placing all the components of the system on the same chip.

In other words, it reveals systems and methods for providing a system-on-a-substrate. Apple uses the A4 on iPads and even iPhone 4s. We could possibly expect the processor to be on the next generation of iPod touches, iTVs and the rumored iMac touches too. System-on-a-substrate is a method where the different components of a system like processor, memory, I/O Circuitry, Accelerometer are all placed on the same chip. This allows manufacturers to design a better and thinner device.

System on a Substrate

Apple’s patent states that “A system utilizing these components could be included in any suitable electronic device such as, for example, a cellular telephone, a personal data assistant (“PDA”), a digital media player (e.g., an iPod available from Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.), a computer, or any other suitable electronic device.”

The term computer relates to the rumored iMac touch which means that the iMac touch could possibly have an Intel based CPU for large applications as well as an A4 chip for touch based actions.

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[via Patently Apple]