Microsoft’s Mac vs PC Page Attacks Apple

Mac vs PC

Microsoft recently added a new page titled Mac vs PC. Do these words sound familiar? That’s because the whole world is debating over the matter and even because Apple’s ad campaign had a similar name.

Microsoft is targeting students and employees with these new facts. The page isn’t as compelling as the Apple ads and does not offer video. It is just text based and gives reasons to choose a PC over a Mac. The text states that PCs have Blueray capabilities, offer more software choices, are simple, have better sharing capabilities and offer more choices. Whereas Macs might just spoil your fun, don’t like to share and aren’t compatible with your PC stuff.

The page is a response to Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ ads which were ended recently. Though the ads sound pretty good, the reasons are not completely valid. You certainly cannot compare Blueray functionalities and sharing capabilities to crashes and viruses. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.