How to – Jailbreak Your iPhone 4

Today, Comex and his team came up with a new online jailbreaking tool which lets you jailbreak any iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch and iPad. JailbreakMe is the ultimate all-in-one jailbreaking tool. This is the first ever jailbreak released for iPhone 4 and was greeted by users all around the world.

To jailbreak your iPhone 4 using JailbreakMe, follow this guide –

1. Sync your iPhone 4 with iTunes.
2. Go to from your iPhone 4.
3. Slide to confirm Jailbreak.
4. Accept the popup message and tap jailbreak.
5. The tool would jailbreak your device and you’d be done in no time at all.

If you get a purple screen during the process, you need to tap anywhere on the screen and refresh the page. After refreshing the page, you could try again. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you’ll be redirected to the Frequently Asked Questions Page and Cydia will be added to your home screen.

Check out the video posted by YouTube user Dinozambas to learn more about jailbreaking your iPhone 4.

Note – Though this tool works without any hassles, we are not responsible if you brick your iPhone 4 during the process.