Chromium OS Vanilla Build is Here

Hexxeh has just posted the link to the next build of Chromium OS. This Vanilla build has loads to offer and if you are using Flow, you’ll be impressed. The build process has also been automated and now you don’t need to manually upgrade to the latest builds of the next generation Operating System from Google.

If you are upgrading from Flow, here’s what’s new in the vanilla build –

• Revamped login UI – your username is remembered and you can take a photo to appear with your login using your webcam
• 3G modem support
• Chrome Web Store ready
• Lots, lots faster
• Official ChromiumOS updater (my servers for this aren’t yet live, though)
• Browser sync

You could try the build only if Chrome OS is supported by your hardware and the build is still in BETA and is therefore not guaranteed to boot. The build even gets the Chrome Web Store to the OS. You could now have loads of paid and free Apps on your computer. We’ll let you know the results after we test it.

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  • Guest

    I ended up updating Longitude to 1.6.2 from Cydia. In both, Latitudie (which I didn’t even install after I’ve read all them comments in appstore) and PlaceTrack, I don’t like the arrow constantly on the top bar. I quite like this new feature in ios4, I can see what apps are actually using GPS. I haven’t noticed any major problems with the battery life yet, but I think that in PlaceTrack there is too many updates! To often. The other day PlaceTrack was updated every 500 meters, so every 30-45 seconds!

    Longitude is warning you if you set the update interval to less than 15 minutes. I have mine set to 30 minutes and it seems sufficient although when I’m at home, at the same location for a long time, the updates could stop. So I’m missing that option.