AppSpark – USB Disk for iPad

An App dubbed “USB Disk” has gathered the attention of the App community and is currently the top free App in the App Store. The App is the first of its kind that allows you to view all kinds of formats on your iPad. Starting from PDF, Word documents, MP3, AVI to HTML, Pictures, iWork documents and lots more.

The App uses the File Sharing option available in iTunes to transfer files from your computer to your iPad. The interface is neat and the App is extremely powerful. You could scroll through your documents, use pagination to flick through pages, open the document using a different App and even email them. It even features a great scroll bar that makes scrolling extremely easy and smooth.

It also features a sleek inbuilt player for music and video playback. With the full screen viewer, you could preview files in full screen mode. The App is extremely powerful and has enormous capabilities.

Check out the video posted by AppSpark to see the App in action.