Is the Apple Online Store Broken?

One of the facts with which even Apple haters can’t disagree is that the Apple buying experience is phenomenal and beyond compare. The hundreds of Apple Retail Stores which Apple has set up all across the world offer brilliant solutions, experienced training and Genius Bars which make the Stores unique.

Even Apple’s online store experience is great. Within clicks your product is delivered at your door step without any hassles. The premium resellers also do a great job and offer a great Apple buying experience. But somehow the Apple Online Store Experience is broken.

Many international readers have written to us expressing their grievance with the Apple Online Store. Firstly, Apple is a huge company and should have had stores set up all over the world. But this isn’t the case. Apple has only stores in about 36 countries. What about the rest? The citizens of those countries need to go to the resellers who aren’t usually up to date with the latest products and don’t offer the same buying experience.

So what should be the solution? Apple’s online store should have been much better and efficient. Cmon it’s Apple. They are these guys who make products that are perfect. Apple does have a website for mostly all countries, but the websites usually don’t offer an online store. Well, if you are wondering which countries we are talking about, it is India, Budapest and lots of others. If Apple can’t put up an online store in all of these countries, they should at least allow the citizens of these countries to order it from the US online store. We are sure that the Apple lovers from these countries would be glad to pay the shipping charges.

We think that the Apple Online Store is broken in this case and instead Apple is losing a lot of sales to eBay and Amazon resellers who offer the same product. International readers, pour your thoughts in.

We’d like to thank all our international readers who have emailed us about this issue.