App of the Week – Mirror’s Edge [AppSpark]

Mirror’s Edge is a great 2D game developed by EA. It is available on a lot of major platforms including the iPad. The iPad experience is quite unique and lets you interact with game by touching and swiping the screen with your fingers. You need to swipe to jump, slide and beat your enemies. On iPad, the game completely redefines gaming with gestures you would want to perform all day.

For expert gamers, the game would appear to be quite easy and passing all the levels won’t be a hard task. One drawback of the game is that checkpoints are located at a very large distance from one another and saving the game in between is not possible. Once you have been beaten down by your enemy, you got to start all over again.

The game’s Multiplayer Mode is really fun and the acrobatics performed are simply stunning. The game is available on the App Store for $12.99 and is a must have for all iPad owners.

Do rate the game below and leave your reviews in the comments section. Have a look at the video posted by AppSpark to see the game in action.

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