Top 5 Motorola Droid X Cases

iPhone 4 and iPad have distracted tech minds and we have almost forgotten that there are loads of other great phones from different manufacturers available in the market. Android offers users another choice and stops the future from being dominated by only one carrier, one manufacturer and one company that controls all our data.

Motorola’s Droid X is a great phone and has got loads of users. It supports an 8MP camera, runs on Android, has a large 4.3 inch screen and has the ability to capture HD videos. To protect your Droid, we lay down the top 5 cases for your HD phone.

1. Body Glove Snap-On Case – The case completely fits the Droid X and is the ultimate custom fit phone case for the phone. The hard shell gloved material feels smooth and makes it easier to grip the phone. You could still access all your ports while the case is on and the case even sports a removable knob.

Price – $24.95

Plastic Protector

2. Snap-On Plastic Protector Cover – Purple Checkers – The case looks good and is manufactured with high quality ABS plastic which protects the phone from scratches. You could even access all your ports while the case protects your phone.

Price – $19.99

3. Verizon Skin Case – The case is available in two colors, purple and black. It covers all the areas of your phone but leaves the ports clear for use and keeps the phone slim.

Price – $13.95

4. Amzer Luxe Argyle Case Droid X (Smoke Gray) – This fashionable and durable case for the Droid X lets you access all the features of the phone and provides extra grip.

Price – $9.95

5. Brown Diplomat Leather Case – The case is completely made of good quality leather. The case protects your screen and sliding your phone in the case is easy.

Price – $39.95

Which case do you use to protect your Droid X? Do let us know in the comments section below.