Top 5 iPod Click Wheel Games

These Touches and Pads have tasted utter success and are sending every other gadget in town to the graveyard of technology. They have dominated the market and even the iPods appear to be lost in the dark. Of-course there aren’t 160,000 Apps for iPods but here are some games which would help your iPod get it’s wind back.


1. PAC-MAN – There are games which make the most of the hardware and the software but there isn’t anything like the original PAC-MAN. PAC-MAN on your iPod let’s you play PAC-MAN with the click wheel and includes all 256 mazes from the original game.

Cake Mania 3

2. Cake Mania 3 – Prepare and Deliver the cakes in time to help Jill. It includes about 80 levels spread across 6 eras. The game takes full advantage of the click wheel and you need to scroll through different ingredients and deliver the perfect cake and cookies to your ever-demanding customers.

Real Soccer 2009

3. Real Soccer 2009 – Experience the beautiful game right on your iPod. Gameloft brings its popular soccer series on the iPod and you could play with up-to 290 different clubs and national teams. The graphics and the game play is superb on the iPod and the game is available for $4.99. It includes five game modes and you could perform electrifying game moves with the click wheel.


4. UNO – Another great title by Gameloft that brings the popular card game to your iPod. You could play against all your friends with the multi-player mode and the game play just can’t get better. Buy it now and be the first one to call UNO.

Scrabble iPod

5. Scrabble – Play the mind boggling game right on your iPod. Though the screen is a bit too small for a board game, but it sure does feel right. The game features multiple styles of play and difficulty levels and a hint system which would help you when you get stuck. With Pass n Play, you could play Scrabble with 4 of your friends.

Play the above games and get the most out of your iPod.